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2017/07/03 23:07 に Kazuyoshi Minekawa が投稿   [ 2017/07/03 23:07 に更新しました ]

Summer seminar
2017 / 7 / 31 (月) 17:00 - 18:00

The genomics of behavioral adaptation to photoperiodism in an Asian burying beetle
コロンビア大学 羽場優紀

 行動の進化に関わる遺伝基盤は、長年研究者の興味を引いてきたにも関わらず、ほとんど明らかにされていない。近年の次世代シーケンサーの普及や大規模ゲノムデータの解析手法の発展により、野外個体を用いて行動の進化の遺伝基盤を研究することが可能になりつつある。我々は、アジア諸国にひろく分布し多様な行動を見せるネパールモンシデムシ Nicrophorus nepalensis の集団を用い、適応行動の進化に関わる遺伝基盤を調べた。
 トークの後半では研究とは別に、海外大学院でMaster, PhDをとる/とることを目指す者として体験談のようなものを予定している。日本の大学、大学院とどのようにシステムや環境が違うのか、エピソードを交えながら紹介したい。


Scientists have long been fascinated by the stunning variation of innate behavior in animals, but little is known about the genetic architecture of behavioral variation in nature. Local behavioral adaptation, where a behavioral trait has been selected and genetically fixed in a local population, provides us a unique opportunity to investigate the genetic underpinnings of recent behavioral adaptation. Here I examine the genomic architecture underlying seasonal variation of burying behavior in Asian burying beetle, Nicrophorus nepalensis. I first showed using a common garden experiment that the behavioral differentiation among N. nepalensis populations in Taiwan and Japan was genetically-determined, suggesting that the behavior is locally adapted. Furthermore, by genome-wide FST analysis I found that two genes, npr-1 and WDR67, were highly diverged among populations with different behavioral phenotypes and thus were putatively responsible for the behavioral adaptation. In contrast, the circadian core genes, which have been suggested to be involved in photoperiodic behavior from lab experiments in insects and other taxa, did not show signatures of selection. Together, the results highlight the importance of studying the genetics of naturally occurring behavior to fully understand how innate behavior evolves in nature. 

2015 東京大学農学部卒 (宮下研 / 嶋田研@教養)
2017 Columbia University Dept. of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology 修士卒
2017 Princeton University 博士課程進学予定

Email: yh2778@columbia.edu
Twitter: @shevayuki2778
Website: http://mudanamono656565.wixsite.com/yukihaba